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Kenny Nightingale, Smooth Jazz Saxophonist


His friends call him Kenny.   Kenneth Jacob Nightingale originally from the Lagos Nigeria,currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his beautiful wife and three daughters.Recording Artist and producer at 3Face Production, he has been producing records since the early 80’s .Since then he has worked with great musicians and has done live gigs before he came to America. Nightingale discovered his passion from spending time with his father and musical friends. His musical background began with a strong family of 8 talented and musically gifted brothers. Mr. Kenny’s father was a saxophonist and percussionist whom he always looked up to in his early years. His father owned a musical school in Nigeria, where Kenny first learned the art of playing the saxophone. After mastering the saxophone,he also learned how to play the piano, guitar and drums, then he started teaching his younger brothers at his father’s request because he was the eldest. Over the years, he continued working with his brothers and other artists; both on stage and in the studio. This has helped Mr. Kenny become a better musician and music producer to date. He knew that there was always a struggle for musicians to stay humble and loyal to the true voice in the music industry. In the past, Mr. Kenny was offered deals that he did not take as to not compromise his creativity or the rights to his own music. However, people questioned his Christianity because of the new sound he brought  into the church.

“This has been difficult for me,” he explained. God has no specific sound as long as we glorify him.
Throughout his musical career Kenny has gained influence of music from his father Mr .Fuzy Daniel Osadolo, his hero. Musicians he admires are the great jazz legends Charlie Parker and John Coltrane.
Mr. Kenny is greatly influenced by the late and great Michael Jackson because he was the best and the baddest. He loved his energy on stage and creativity of endless motivation.

When Mr.Kenny writes songs and creates sounds it comes from deep within. The soul has an unique way of speaking through music. He writes how he feels at that very moment to allow the lyrics speak of the “Now”. The music just enlightens his words, giving his audience a reflection of himself Mr.Kenny. Music is his gift and he wants to use it to bless the world.

Mr. Nightingale describes his music as a blend of Pop and Smooth Jazz. His music conveys a heavy influence of Gospel music in his lyrics. He has done major live performances and showcases over the years and plans an immediate goal to be a regular sound on the radio and to complete his 2nd albums “Lamentations ” and Gospel Got Jazz Two (G.G.J2) .

Gospel Got Jazz is the lastest album available online and in stores. His next album Lamentations is expected to be in stores early 2014. This album will be a combination Smooth Jazz, BBop Jazz with some old school steady house beats .

Music available now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and on all Internet Music stores.
Physical CD can be purchased @ www.tatemusicgroup.com

“Every Vision has it own appointed time to manifest ” Shalom