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It is impossible to truly meet your potential when we do not know who we are. We spend so much time learning about others, their likes, dislikes, hobbies and concerns and do not have a clue about ourselves. The first thing we need to do is pray, meditate and talk to God about some sense of direction. It is so easy to get lost in this big world if you do not have God’s guidance. The second thing is make a list of your positive and less than qualities and ways you want to improve or change. Many of us do not even know our favorite foods, learning simple things could be the first step.

When things start to be revealed to us, we do not want to be hard on ourselves! It is great to give a pat on the back to our self for recognizing our own efforts at improvement. I realize the last way to find out about myself is ask family and friends these are the people that will be extremely honest with you. Please do not confuse knowing yourself as being boastful or braggadocios! It is about being comfortable with who we are and knowing what pleases us….enjoy your journey to the new YOU!


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