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Kourtni Hatton & OneEleven


15 minutes with friend and entrepreneur Kourtni Hatton, owner & designer of OneEleven, Twinsburg native and Ohio University Alum!

Fashion Unexpected

Ambition Magazine: Who are the visionaries/creators of OneEleven?
Kourtni Hatton: Kourtni Hatton, Owner & Designer!
AM: When was OneEleven founded?
KH: December 2011
AM: What was the opening date?
KH: January 11, 2012
AM: What inspired you to start your own business and specifically a bow tie line?
KH: The man in a bow tie! He’s the mover and shaker, he wants to be seen. No matter how humble he may be, he wears things that make a statement.
AM: What were some of the struggles during start-up?
KH: Mass production! Being a one man show and really finding the time to dedicate.
AM: What was easy?
KH: Making the bow ties! I truly enjoy it. I sit down, I set up shop, cut the fabric and get to sewing. It takes me about an hour to an hour and a half for one from start to finish.
AM: What was fun?
KH: Find inspiration from particular people. Picking the fabric and the threads and just finding something different.
AM: What are your goals for the future?
KH: Developing a following. I would love to get into a couple of store/ boutiques within the three major cities in Ohio to begin. Definitely wanting to start with Cleveland and Columbus.
AM: Advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs?
KH: Just do it. Chase the dream and anything could happen. Be committed.

My passion, my motivation, and wanting to see something happen is what gets me through the difficult moments. Visualizing the line in store. The want to keep pushing until reaching that success. The end goal is my motivation!
-K. Hatton

Phone: 216-387-2163
Email: OnlyOneEleven@gmail.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/OnlyOneEleven