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LaffTheory Leading Quality Time


Pictured (left to right)Comedian Wamilele, Charles Olayinka,Comedian Seyi Brown

If you love comedy, the comedic duo of Seyi Brown and Wamilele, known as LaffTheory, provide nights of great laughter.

I learned that firsthand while attending a recent LaffTheory event , which was held at The Monarch Ballroom in Duluth, Ga. The sold out event had more than 250 in attendance from all parts of Atlanta, Ga regions.
Both Comedians had great energetic presence that consistently brought laughter and astonishing surprises to family and friends. A musical performance from Jazz artist Kenny Nightingale provided more entertainment and feel good to the night. The best part was seeing the audience come together and bond with their loved ones, communicating and networking. Basically, enjoying every moment.

For me personally , I had observed a healing process that allowed my past emotions to bleed through and not hamper towards my future. So having the opportunity of traveling 400 miles to experience LaffTheory was one of both excitement and feeling anxious, especially as time was getting closer for their event. Quality Time is the necessary ingredient in any type of relationship. LaffTheory Comedy is where you can Eat, Dance and Laugh!

And that’s why, in my opinion, they are leading the efforts to create an atmosphere where people can spend quality time with their loved ones. After attending LaffTheory comedy, it was better times for me in the sense of feeling a need to have openness with my close family and friends. Their brand of comedy is a good idea for couples, friends and family who may be dealing with challenges because sometimes using humor helps individuals get through built tensions.

Experiencing LaffTheory is also a great opportunity for planning your date nights with every give and take scenario. Do couples normally just sit around and watch television or read the daily newspaper? After a long week of work, couples may feel the urge that there isn’t much time to do the things that they have the desire to do with their family.
Everyone is just involved in some worthy projects and just seem to not be able to find quality time. Attending a Lafftheory Comedy Show will give you the platform that you and your loved ones could ever look for in spending quality time.

Lafftheory hosts quarterly events. The 1st Edition was held on August 1,2014, with the next event on April 17, 2015.

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To order tickets and to check for comedy show dates visit their website at www.lafftheory.com

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