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Let Me Live


So with all of the events over the past week I’ve been in an overwhelming, hypersensitive space. I’m reading, digesting and thinking.

So in Dayton, as well as across the country there were marches and protest. I am not really the marching type but by choosing a career in media, I have to go sometimes. My thoughts are this…

  1. If you don’t like marching, don’t go! Simple! Marching can provide moments of solidarity, give organizers an ability to see who may want to be involved in further planning and simply provide a space for people to understand they are not alone in their feelings. Most importantly it’s not bothering you!
  2. People who change #BlackLivesMatter to #AllLivesMatter and follow up their reasoning with Black on Black crime. This one really gets under my skin. Let’s start here. In every community, there is crime among the community (White, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish, German, etc.). Do you know what that is called? CRIME! Black on black crime is a phrase that was coined to emphasize what happens in our communities as though this is something that is not existent in other communities, while every other action of crime within one’s own community is attempted to be lumped in statistically with all the other crimes that cross communities. For example, when a child was beaten to death by his mother, grandmother and aunt, the media did not title this and discuss white on white crime, it was simply a crime.Secondly, maybe you truly don’t understand the meaning behind #BlackLivesMatter. This term was created by those who understand that we all matter but there is an obvious bias and systematic genocide that is going on that is proving that Black lives do no matter to everyone. Want to know see the truth in that statement? Go to the pages of several people who commented #AllLivesMatter and see if they were willing to jump on the #BlueLivesMatter bandwagon after the officers were murdered Texas. All murder is wrong! No one person’s life should be valued any more than another! That is what #BlackLivesMatter is trying to stress. Are other groups people murdered by the police, yes. The movement is not trying to negate that, it’s simply an attempt to help level the playing field. What happened to the days when people just had their in court.
  3. The best way to help is to do what you can with your gift. I was talking with the amazing Sierra Leone yesterday and she said to me that this was her belief. It was crazy because I felt a little less crazy in that moment. I’ve been feeling this way. Everyone does haven’t march, everyone doesn’t have to protest. Just do what you can do to create awareness and draw attention to the situation. This is my gift, so right now this is what I have to give.
  4. Stop minimalizing #BlackLivesMatter to just being about police brutality. That is the situation that the movement grew out of but it extends to all aspects of Black life. Start by fixing you (mostly talking to myself right there) and as your improve you will be able to give and provide more positivity in your community. Everything starts with you!

Be Ambitious!


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