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Let Prayer Be Your First Response


Life will present to us all kinds of obstacles and a variety of struggles. That is the life we live and have to accept that. In most cases when obstacles arise instead of resorting to prayer first we use it as a last resort. First, we like tell the world about our million and one problems, we allow ourselves to go into depression, we try and “fix” our problems on our own, or we resort to other means that only contributes to making the matter worse. When those things present themselves our first response should always be prayer.

Prayer works! Prayer will give us the strength to push through any obstacle or struggle. Prayer is our umbrella through rainy days. Prayer will shield us from any fall. Prayer is our shield and protection. Prayer is what gives us the ability to step out on faith and go after all that God has for us. In prayer we are reminded that God will be there to hold us up in the mist of going through. Prayer gives us the strength to raise our hand and volunteer to be the victor instead of the victim.

The Word of God tells us that “The One who called us is completely dependable. If he said it, he’ll do it!” (1 Thessalonians 5:24). The only way for us to remain expectant and determined to see the promises of God no matter where we are in life is through prayer. Matthew 21:22 tells us “Whatever we ask in prayer, we will receive, if we have faith.” The first step in receiving is asking for it in prayer.

Sometimes we come across a path in life that may appear extremely difficult to cross, a feeling of defeat washes over us and we have no idea how we will get to the other side of the rode. Bowing down to God in prayer will give us the necessary strength to not only cross the rode but we can cross the rode without fear of being ran over by an eighteen wheeler or drunk driver. God has already equipped us with the necessary tools to proceed across the highway. When prayer becomes our first response we are reminded that through Christ we can do all that we are called to do.

{Personal Message from J_LaQueenia}
The saying goes when life knocks you down you are in a perfect position to pray……I agree. However, I feel as though why wait until life knocks us down on our knees to start praying?

Personally I choose to seek God through prayer first no matter the reason because I know that He will meet all my needs. Each and every tear I cried yesterday I can rejoice in prosperity today. The tears I may have to cry today I know will serve as the prosperity of my tomorrows. He is molding me and preparing me to do a great work in him. In my joyous moments I choose to pray and thank God. When my heart has a desire for something I choose to pray and ask God for it. When in doubt and confusion I choose to pray and ask God for guidance and clarification. When fearful I choose to pray, when I have no idea if I should turn right or left I choose to pray. When I feel my temper flaring I choose to pray. Every prayer answered is my clarification I serve a faithful God. No matter the reason, no matter the season before I cry to Mama, before I seek the advice of big sister, before I throw a pity party for myself I have declared to use prayer as my first response.