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The lyrics of our life create the perfect song. Yes the beat matters , and the words are important to…but it is the compilation and joining of the two that makes it worth while. Music is an important part of every hearing persons life. Undoubtedly, the many tempos and dramatic verses that describe and define our situations make us appreciate the artists who take the time to share their experiences that we ironically and almost completely relate to. I have a song for all of my moods, happy, sad, athletic, grateful, stressed, conceited, appreciative, and so on. Sometimes a uniter, but could be a divider, music is a relater. Relating different people through shared experiences and comforting spirits to press on. So what’s on your playlist?

If it shuffles from Stevie Wonder to Narvana, rolls into Timberland from Muddy Waters, then fades into Nas, but not before blasting Korn and Bobby Womack, you may have a similar cruising mix as Justin Garrett. Known in the music industry as Just One, Justin, derived this name from the nickname of “Jus” and added the one as a definition of what he does, defining himself as the total package wrapped into “one”. So what goes into the “one”? Music is often times more complicated than the final sound that we hear. It’s the melody, the arrangement and the lyrics, and when these powers combine, correctly, song happens.

Inspired by his parental guidance, Just One started piano lessons at the age of 8, and this sparked his music journey. Learning harmonization from his mom, who was a vocalist, to creating beats with his brother, and more recently pushing to get a music license for a start-up production company, Born Champions Music Group, Just One has been busy! While being an artist is not his main focus, it is a small part to what he is all about, believing that it is important to tell your story. Jus writes about things that he sees, his experiences, his friends experiences, doctored up, sometimes personal, but not always so personal, and maybe with a fictional twist inspired by what he sees his peers go through. He states, “Music reflects life… period!” Jus’s music is constantly transitioning, it grows as he grows, going through events like marriage or divorce, having kids or losing a friend all affect this. But what Jus really enjoys is the development of the finished project. From the beat making all the way through the mixing and mastering, he uses any available technology to create his masterpiece’s. As a producer first, writing and performing are background activities. Working out of Harford, Connecticut, a growing internet buzz is gaining Just One some exposure to the surrounding east coast markets. Because music is his art, it takes control to not make it his business… even though it can be that too. Staying diverse in musical and lyrical arrangement always presents a challenge, but because of his wide spread interest in different types of music, he keeps coming up with music, aka…life!

You can check out Just ONE at http://www.reverbnation.com/jus1