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Love Scents


Naturals love a good scent. Thankfully most products aren’t like perfumes, otherwise we would have one more thing to be picky and particular about when it comes to our products. BUT recently hair fragrances are trending. So I thought for Valentine’s Day, I’d focus on scents that are great for romance that are my favorites:


It may remind you of you grandmother’s garden but geranium is an uplifting aroma that smells like flowers and mint. It has a sweet, desserty scent which is fun and flirty.


Is a classic for a reason. A hint of lavender goes a long way and flower scents are a natural fit for romance. Lavender, as opposed to Rose, is a unique and less obvious choice on Valentine’s day.


Floral scents aren’t the only scent that can cue romance, earthy ones can too. With it’s warm and woody scent it puts most people at ease and in a relaxing mood.


So go forth and seek hair fragrances with these essential oils and make sure the products you purchase are listed with natural ingredients for the health of your hair and skin. Whether you are doing anything on this day or not, it’s always nice to smell good. What are your favorite love scents?

Bee Ramsey

Bee Ramsey is the owner of Puff Apothecary, a natural hair and beauty boutique located at 37 S Saint Clair St. Dayton, OH. Puff Apothecary exclusively sells natural hair and skin care products from Black owned businesses. Visit www.puffapothecary.com of more information and hours. Bee can be reached at ramsey@puffapothecary.com.

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