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Marcella Ashe & Allecram Publishing


Allecram Publishing have published inspirational books for the entire family to share in with.

Marcella Ashe, a Dayton, OH native has authored and self-published multiple books in the areas of poetry and children’s writings. One things that makes Marcella unique is her motto of being imperfect, her writings being imperfect with the goal of attracting and reaching the imperfect reader.

Ambition Magazine: Who was instrumental in the creating of Allecram Publishing?
Marcella Ashe: Solo Project
AM: When was Allecram Publishing founded?
MA: 2003 was my first published work but I did a work back in 1989 for my niece, naming the children in her class as though she was speaking to them.
AM: What inspired you to start writing?
MA: Upon graduating from high school I followed in my father’s footsteps and went into managerial work at GM at the age of 18. I really went into working there for the money because I children to raise. I then was able to retired at 48 and decided return to what I originally wanted to do because all of my life I started things and would put them on the back burner to do other things. So now that I am retired I able to write and go back to my poetry because my right I am a poet more so than a children’s book author.
AM: What were some of the struggles in writing?
MA: Being able to understand what my audience needs and to present to them something that they not only need to read but want to read. And the combination of the two make me think that I do not have the academia that I needed because I did not have the classroom experience. My life experience brought to me a rich growth that I probably would have never received in a classroom.
AM: What part of this experience is fun and enjoyable?
MA: Setting up my work and talking to my customers. Interacting and being to speak with people.
AM: What are some of your goals for the future and expansion?
MA: I want to go back to finish my Business Management degree to find out what I was able to do without it.
AM: Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs?
MA: Know where you are as a person! You can’t give of yourself if you don’t know what yourself entails!

Website: www.marcellaashe.webs.com
Email: marcellaashe@sbcglobal.net
Phone: 937.760.6168
Twitter: Allecram4522