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Media Watch: Trends to Look for in 2014


2014 is shaping up to be a very interesting year in digital marketing. The desire to continually satiate the online hunger for more, means the content that is generated is becoming smaller, faster and, unsurprisingly, quicker to consume. Major brands and marketing agencies are showing more mature digital mindsets by focusing their efforts towards innovation and new media platforms. This forward thinking is changing the landscape of digital media and given the past few years of experimentation, should lean businesses towards major advancements and changes in effective digital communication.

One major trend to expect for the new digital marketing year is Disposable Content. The buzz word for 2013 was Content Marketing and subsequently this term has continued its buzz into 2014, causing every major brand to work overtime to constantly generate content. The rapid success of Snapchat, a mobile application that allows users to capture pictures and videos that self destruct after a few seconds, is pioneering the new marketing strategy of disposable content. More brands are seeking ways to utilize Snapchat and tap into the teen market much like Taco Bell did when they introduced their new Beefy Crunch Burrito.

In addition to disposable content, another hot marketing trend involves 2-way communication between brands. Dubbed “Brand Bantering”, brands are becoming more vocal and daring in their interactions, engaging its competitors or other brands on social media. Although not considered the norm, this strategy, when done effectively, can do wonders to showcase a brand’s personality and voice. One notable example of this unique marketing style came when telecommunications companies, AT&T and T-Mobile, engaged in a Twitter feud over the attention of a potential customer. T-Mobile’s CEO, John Leger, quickly intervened and ceased any further discussion between the two brands. Other examples include popular candy company Kit-Kat and its challenge to Oreo to a very special game of tic-tac-toe to win the heart of a Twitter follower and Bud Light’s unique “Bud Light style” shout out to Samsung’s announcement of its new smart watch.

Sub dividing social communities is shaping up to be a worthwhile trending strategy to reach target consumers. As global brands have forged harder to engage with brand fans, communities have grown into the millions. Engaging in relevant, substantive dialogue with smaller groups within communities proves to be difficult and often inefficient for many brands. However talking to a smaller segment of a brand’s community can improve content effectiveness which leads to higher engagement of its audience. Facebook’s Custom Audiences tool aims to help brands do just that this through improved targeting where paid content will appear in users’ news feeds. As a result, brands gain an improved ability to target relevant content more effectively by concentrating on smaller community segments.

Last year showed us just how social media underwent a major evolution in brand content. If 2013 is any indication of a progressing trend, we can expect 2014 to yield even more savvy, out-of-the-box marketing trends.

Baron Samuel
Author| Columnist