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 Melanin Money Challenge…


bysr-logoAmbition Magazine and Beyond Superior Graphics have come together to bring you the #MelaninMoneyChallenge to create a better experience for Black businesses and their consumers.

What is the #MelaninMoneyChallenge?
The #MelaninMoneyChallenge is here to do several things. 

  • We want to increase the visual of positive interactions among Black businesses and consumers.
  • Encourage more consistent spending with Black businesses
  • Potentially develop new relationships with other businesses that are participating in the challenge.
  • Provide a space to share experiences
  • Learn about new/ different businesses
  • Acknowledge amazing consumers

Why is the #MelaninMoneyChallenge necessary?

  • So often I see people bashing Black businesses! It is hardly ever the immediate statement of business xyz, that always comes secondary in the rant. It always starts with, ‘See this is why I can’t support black businesses…’ While I understand there can be problems with supporting businesses for various reasons, it is my opinion that Black businesses are the only ones that immediately get lumped into one group.
  • We also have consumers seeking businesses in various areas and with the commitment from participating businesses we can send consumers to responsible, respectable businesses.

How will the #MelaninMoneyChallenge work?

Click the photo to choose to  participate as a business or a consumer.