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Take the pledge!

Right click on the image below to save (on mobile: press and hold image, then click save), then post it to your social media using the hashtags (#MMC #MelaninMoneyChallenge #MelaninMoney) and tag  Ambition Magazine (Instagram: @ambitionmag, Facebook: Ambition Magazine, Twitter: @ambitionmag_). Then tell us why you are taking the pledge in your post.


If you would like to donate to our raffle, you are more than welcome. Email lekeisha@ambitionmag.com to discuss the details of donation. Donations are not required, just a want to provide incentives for those who are dedicated to support our melanated businesses.


We will be highlighting participating businesses and consumers every week of the 4th quarter.

Share your world as a Black business owner with us, using the hashtag #MelaninMoneyChallenge.