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Momentum Building


What are you doing to build momentum for your business idea? This is a difficult thing to do because there are stories everyday on how someone stole a person’s business idea, logo idea, or product concept. So how do you, in the midst of all of that, protect yourself and involve other people in what you have planned? Entrepreneur has a list of ways that you can build that momentum. 4 out of the 5 ways are spot on, but there is one that is tricky.

Talk to everyone you know. Momentum grows exponentially. Including others early in the process will pay huge dividends later on. This is not about feedback. You can buy feedback, but you cannot buy people who feel invested in you and your business. By engaging friends from the beginning, you are building trust with potential ambassadors.

While spreading the good news to friends, many have been affected by those who are not truly happy for them shooting down their ideas. Others have had issues with people stealing their entire concept. Spreading the good word can be good for your potential business but make sure you are spreading it to people you can trust.

Read more: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/229314#ixzz2hhe8xbpZ


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