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Natural Hair Goals to Give up in 2017


The natural hair journey is full of goals and benchmarks but over the years I have read and experienced plenty that just weren’t realistic and negated the beauty of being natural; freedom. Natural hair has afforded me a freedom and confidence that I never had when I relaxed my hair. I was able to embrace that feeling even more when I gave up unrealistic expectations that were created by years of relaxing and cultural bias. So below are three natural hair goals you should leave in 2016 to feel more free in 2017.

Tame Edges

If we’re fierce, why are we concerned about taming our magnificent mane? In 2017, take edge control off your needs and embrace your natural edges; it is a part of having natural hair. Of course moisturize and smooth your product through but then let your kitchen be! I always tell everyone, that to be successful with your natural hair you must adjust your preconceived expectations of what our hair is supposed to do. Also I’ve seen women pursue laid edges with reckless abandon and I’ve  subsequently seen them LOSE their edges from rough maintenance. There are wonderful products that can help you curl and augment those edges but please, for your edges sake, lets move on from the idea that they have to be tamed.

Hair growth shortcuts

Calling the process of learning your hair a journey is the perfect word for it. By definition a journey takes time. Although, that fact hasn’t stopped some naturals from racing to what they think is the finish line…long hair. If you have your eyes on the “end” you’re going to miss out on enjoying the path. Take it from me. I squandered my short hair. I never tried color which is much easier on shorter hair. I never had a good cut or style. And I never looked great, not because short hair wouldn’t look good on me but because I just sat around waiting for it to grow. Do not wait. Focus on embracing it and having fun with it. And don’t get distracted with spending your time and energy on shortcuts. Shortcuts can lead you down dangerous paths. Look no further than the side effects of those “hair growth” pills. It isn’t worth it. By all means be healthy: drink lots of water and take a normal vitamin daily. Also pamper yourself and take care of your hair: deep condition, daily moisturizing. Long hair will come when it comes, enjoy every length while you can.

Shiny hair

The reality is that some of us (myself included) are unable to reasonably have shiny hair. I say reasonable because I could probably go cover my hair with gelatin and spritz oil all over it and be as shiny as a light bulb but that’s crazy and would be a nightmare to get out (do not do it!). Some of us have what I call sheen…a dull shine.  It isn’t reflective but it does catch some light. And that may only happen still with a lot of product and time. Shine or sheen doesn’t necessarily mean moisturized so it’s not really a helpful measure of anything.  So this year, focus on moisturized hair and if it doesn’t look shiny (sheeny) don’t worry about it

What are your natural hair goals this year?

Bee Ramsey

Bee Ramsey is the owner of Puff Apothecary, a natural hair and beauty boutique located at 37 S Saint Clair St. Dayton, OH. Puff Apothecary exclusively sells natural hair and skin care products from Black owned businesses. Visit www.puffapothecary.com of more information and hours. Bee can be reached at ramsey@puffapothecary.com.

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