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Do you need a website?


One of the largest expenses that CAN come with starting a business or expanding your business is developing a website. As apart of our new campaign Ambition Business (#AmbitionBusiness) we will be hosting a monthly tutorial to teach any and everyone how to build their own professional website using the WordPress platform. There are 2 amazing benefits of this tutorial in addition to that fact that when it is over you will have a live site. The first being that the tutorial is FREE, doesn’t get much more affordable than that. The second is that we have a special promo code that allows you to receive a year of hosting and your domain for $12. Just so that you know how great of a deal that is, the average domain is about $12.99 currently and hosting is $3.49 a month or $41.40 a year. That is a total savings of $42 dollars.

To register for our next tutorial this Saturday, September 6, 2014 at 10a, click here!

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