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New Year, New You……Really?


A new year, new me! I know that I am not the only person who is tired of seeing these sayings all over Facebook, Twitter and every other social media site in the nation. The older I’ve gotten the less I believe in new year’s resolutions. I do not believe that anyone should have to reinvent themselves every year. For those of who do, has it ever really worked?

Everyone’s favorite go to resolution is…….FITNESS! While fitness is extremely important in all of our lives, it’s not something that the average person can start on 1.1 and stick with. Most people stick it out about two weeks and fitness centers with those restrictive 2-5 year contracts, where the only way out is death, absolutely love it :-). You may only set foot in the gym 20 days in all of 2013 but they know you are paying on the 1st regardless.

Life has taught me that we make changes when we are ready and that doesn’t know a date on the calendar. When you tired of feeling fat, skinny or not liking what you see in the mirror you hit the gym! When you are annoyed with thinking that you are just throwing money down the drain, you develop a budget and start saving.

Now I have to admit there is one thing that really caught my eye this year that I said I was going to participate in. The 52 week money challenge! 282845_10152389743030302_1598258788_n With this particular challenge you deposit into a savings account the dollar amount of the week that we are in for that year. Without any interest should you stay true to the challenge you will have accumulated $1378. Not too bad of a savings to take into the next year right? For me this was reasonable and I think it is a great savings tool to adapt and pass on to others. My only piece of advice with the 52 week challenge is don’t get greedy. The challenge is set the way it is to teach you gradual savings. I have seen in many arenas people who want to do the challenge backwards in order to gain more interest. In theory that is great! If you are already a diligent saver this can work for you, the problem lies when money gets tight. Let’s say it’s April 1st, you just paid all of those first of the month bills out of last Friday’s check, your friends want to hit first Friday’s this week and you have about $100 to get you through the next 11 days. If you started the challenge going 1-52, you have $78 in the savings (not too bad, could be a cute outfit); if you started going from 52-1, you have $598. Which one of these accounts would you be more like to take the money out of to go kick it?

The best part of the New Year’s Resolution phase is people search for and share new workouts, recipes, DIY projects and savings tools. So people like me can go raid their Pinterest and add some really cool things to the current regimen or save them until later…..when I’m ready for a change!

Happy New Year!
How to do you feel about resolutions? For those who make them what were yours and have you ever kept them?

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