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New Years and why I don’t believe in resolutions


Tonight is New Year’s Eve.  People everywhere are excited to celebrate and ready to start the New Year “right”. Or to “right” a few wrongs.  New Years and Christmas are my favorite holidays.  You get to spend them with family, friends, loved ones and children.  For many it’s finally an opportunity to enjoy family and time away from their busy hectic lives.

For a long time I’ve always felt like New Years shouldn’t be a day or a reason to “start over”.  I am a strong believer in every day change.  So resolutions don’t exist to me especially on this day.  I mean why wait until a holiday comes around to make a change or do something different?  Miss some one?  Call them.  Want another job?  Then start looking.  Most of us are conditioned to thinking that we have to wait until New Years to change.  But why?  So I guess we should just be unhappy and miserable until New Years to change.  Now does that even make sense?  I’ve learned that the reason why so many people put things like change or starting a new career or any thing else for that matter off is because of fear.  The fear of failing.   Whether the change is weight loss, spending time with family, going back to school or just living life a different way.  Just do it! You have absolutely nothing to lose but time if you don’t start.

Back in my high school days I would cut history class. I absolutely hated it.  When Thursdays came around I would always tell myself ‘ok, ok’ I missed Thursday and Friday, I’ll just start fresh on Monday.  When in fact the change could have started that Thursday. Eventually I got it together. But some how convincing myself that Monday was a fresh start, it made me feel better about my decision. when in fact I was really delaying my education and I knew good and well that next week I would do the same thing. I procrastinated because well…I knew Monday was around the corner and I could just “start over”.  Well that’s sort of like New Years for many.  Every day is a blessing, A gift.  The “present” so to speak.  Don’t wait for a holiday or the start of a new week to change something you don’t like, or to start a goal, a dream, a business, better parenting, your relationship with God, anything really.  Because if you keep waiting for “Monday” to come around you’ll never get started.  As hard as it is sometimes we need to change our frame of thinking. once that happens everything else is faith and work.

I was once told that if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough.  So don’t let fear be your reason for not doing something today or changing something today. change is a scary thing and that’s the perfect opportunity to change that fear into a good thing. Let it push you and be your driving force to make it happen.

So celebrate, be happy and bring in the New Year with lots of laughter and love.

Because many will be entertaining on New Years Eve and New Years day I’ve decided to give you guys a simple fun recipe. Today I’m giving you Jell-O shots yaaaay! Eat responsibly.

Let Kandii Kumfort you…From my kitchen to your belly, enjoy! image

Alcohol Jell-O shots

Here I made coconut Blueberry Jell-O shots

what your sexy self will need:

1 Cup boiling water

1 Cup vodka coconut flavored

1 Cup flavored liquor/ schnapps/ pucker or blueberry flavored vodka

2 Small boxes of jello (3 oz.) plain (regular gelatin will do) or any flavor that your heart desires.

fruit any of your choosing I used a blueberry and some ginger.

you can use just about any mold you have in your house.

you can use shot glasses, cup cake pans, silicon trays. etc.


* important note* you will be substituting some of the water for alcohol. if you are making layered jello shots like this one here. you want to make each layer one at a time!

boil the cup of water add your jello. remove from heat and place in a bowl. let the jello cool down just a bit. it should be warm to the touch. quickly add the 1 cup of coconut vodka.

*if you add the alcohol when the jello is to hot the alcohol will just evaporate.*

once the vodka is added stir.

now you’re ready to do the first layer. pour the jello in your mold. Measure 1.5 tbsp of finished jello mix into each shot cup

place it in the freezer for about 30- 45 mins. if your

using cup cake pans fill them half way. Now start your second batch of jello which ever flavor you want. and repeat the process again.

This time before adding the second layer of jello make sure it is warm to the touch. pour that jello over the first layer. if this is your last layer place it in the fridge.NOT the freezer! let it chill for about an hour to an hour and a half.

go peek in the fridge LOOK you have yourself some sexy Jell-O shots!

If you want garnish with fruit like I did, wait unitl after its been removed from the mold.



If you are using cup cake pans when the jello is ready… to remove them run the bottom of the pan under warm water NOT hot. this will loosen up the mold. if your water is to hot you will melt and distort the shape of the jello. you can grab a butter knife and gently go around the edges of the mold to loosen. You can add as much or as little alcohol as you want. just remember if you subtract the amount of alcohol you must replace that with water.

The sexy things you can create with Jell-O shots are endless! use fruit, or food coloring, different types of extracts like vanilla or almond. you can even use milk but be aware that the milk might change the texture of the jello. I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have.

Happy New Year
Chef Kandii


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