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Oh you not gon’ just do it for me?


“I mean, why don’t you just do it? I don’t know how”

This sentiment is not flattering or convincing. It’s annoying and honestly disrespectful. If you know for a fact that this is how a person makes a living then why would you expect them to work for free? Because you’re cool with them? Being cool doesn’t pay any bills or buy anything?

Don’t even get me started about those who post about getting money, and getting money is all they do. Not to my surprise those are the people who tend to ask for freebies the most. So which one is the lie? Are you not getting money or do you really have the money to pay for the service/ product?

Did you know that the average site takes a minimum of 20 hours to complete? That business card that couldn’t look like anyone else’s did you know that took 5-10 hours MINIMUM?

Now that you do know that, do you still believe that someone should build your site for FREE? I am sure that if you worked anywhere for 5 hours, you would want to be paid. Now from time to time people will offer free courses or free work. It is their way of giving back or their way of learning a new skill. BUT understand that your inability to be available during that time does not entitle you to a free session whenever. A few months ago I was giving a free class and I could not have had more technical difficulties. Embarrassing, yes but who doesn’t have difficulties. I did then offer one-on-one time to those who suffered through the issues with me. They earned it because of all I put them through that night BUT if you had something better you wanted to do or forgot. That is not my issue and you will now have to pay for the course or wait and find out when the next free one will be and if it will be on the same topic.

Remember that you want people to pay for your product or service, give them the respect of doing the same for them. Many times people will offer you something lesser if they believe in you and want to support you but when you try to trick them into it, you may not get even the help that they usually give for free.

Give people the respect that you deserve. It is extremely hypocritical to criticize everyone who ask you for discounts and/ or freebies but you do the same. I tell you upfront if I can afford it or if I am going to have to wait. Quality deserves to be compensated. I may just have to wait.

You gain more when you give more…


**This post can also be found at LeKeisha’s ambition blog.


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