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Online dating is NOT for everyone


For the most part I am a try anything once type a girl. I will not lie to you and say that is true for everything but most, yeah.

So at the beginning of this year I joined The Single Wives club, which I had been following on social media for a while prior to joining. I love organization and we get some great personal development exercises. So over the past few months, a lot of the fellow members have been trying something new. One thing that most had in common was online dating. I have a few friends who have tried it as well. So I said ‘what the hell’ and went ahead and tried a site that one of the fellow Single Wives suggested.

This is not for me! I am an introvert and I am a very private person. Most people who talk to me everyday only know about 30% of what I am dealing with on a regular basis. Those two things put together do not make for a great experience with online dating.

So the first thing is that I HATE being asked a ton of questions. I understand, since I have been told over and over again that that is the only way people will get the opportunity to know anything about in this situation, this may be somewhat unreasonable. I can’t help it though. It’s really annoying to be interviewed. It is even more ironic because I am an analytical person, so I see the world in questions. This is probably why I hate being asked a ton of questions, I feel like I am answering some type of question from the moment I open my eyes, until the moment they close. On top of that a lot of the questions are stupid:

  • Do you cook? (Can you build a house?)
  • Are you single? (No my husband is in the other room)
  • What are you looking for, I’m not really trying to get serious? (blank stare)
  • Why are you single? (Because I evidently hate people)
  • You’re self-employed, is it legal? (WTF are you asking exactly)

I won’t bore you with any of the other questions but I think you get the point. I tried it because I said I was going to step out of the box and try something different. Since I am very much so an introvert I thought it may be a nice way to meet someone and gain some comfort before having that in person interaction. NOT SO MUCH.

All relationships in my past have been built on some level of familiarity or friendship. Another reason I decided to try something different. I have come to the realization that this style just isn’t for me. Its a lot easier for me to go in public and interact with people than it is for me to act interested in someone who I don’t even know. I can’t fake interest, never have been able to. And it is very hard to be interested in someone’s life that you have only ‘known’ for 3 minutes.

I have heard some amazing success stories so I wish the rest of you luck.



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