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The Renewal Issue - 8th Anniversary

Popping up w/ Chantae Winston


Business Profile: The Entrepreneur’s Marketplace

Tae Winston

Business name:
The Entrepreneur’s Marketplace

Location (if applicable):
13 North Williams Street; Dayton, Ohio (Three months at the current location)

How long have you been in business:
I have been an entrepreneur for five years.

How did you get started:
I started with Fashion Remedy boutique selling sunglasses, and hosting pop-up events. I loved the idea of helping other people with their businesses and decided years later to open a pop-up shop store.

Why do you choose to do what you do:
Because I love to see businesses start from the ground up, and I’m all about helping them promote.

What was the first win that you received that you go back to mentally every time it feels rough:
Doing my food truck rally, and seeing that I can have a huge event on my own. Now I always look back at that when I feel down.

What startup struggles did you experience and what struggles are you experiencing currently:
I struggled trying to work a full-time job when I first got started and running my business. My struggle now is balancing being a mom of a kid with autism and running my store.

How do you pick yourself back up when things fall apart?
Keeping the faith and knowing God has always had my back at my worst times.

How does your location (city) shape your business and you as a business person:
It works great because I’ve built a name and businesses trust me to help their brands. And I’ve done a lot to help people here.

How does your ambition drive you in your business?
It wakes me up every morning, ready to help others and keeps me going harder.

How do you stay consistent when life gets crazy?
Write down my plans throughout the week and stick with it.

Whats one way we can support you?
I would say giving more resources to me (through my website) so that I can help others and myself even more.

Contact info (to be shared in the publication):
Tae Winston on Facebook
The Entrepreneurs Marketplace on Facebook and TheEntrepreneursMarketplace on Instagram

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