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Portia Alves


Name: Portia Alves

Location (City/State): Dayton, oh

What Services do you offer: Personal training, licensed Zumba and Aqua Zumba classes, bootcamps, kids fitness classes and intellectual special needs accommodated fitness training and classes

Title (trainer, coach, instructor, etc.): Personal Trainer, group fitness instructor

How long have you been on this career path: 2 years

What encouraged you to take on a career in the fitness world: Finally losing weight and finding my path to being fit!

What have been your challenges, on you personal health & fitness journey: Dealing with occasional and seasonal depression and compulsive overeating are my biggest mountains.

What has helped you push closer to your goals as a fitness professional: Building a support system!


Top 3 most valuable pieces of advice you give to those on a journey of their own: Start small, if you hate it don’t eat it, persistence is key!

What’s on your gym/ workout playlist: Right now? Funk Digital Brasil vol 1

What is your favorite workout: TABATA! Quick and dirty cardio!

What is your motivation: Inspiring others.

What are your goals for the remainder of 2014: Ending my NPC Bikini season at Nationals in sunny Miami, Florida!

Contact information:
IG: @peadotgee


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