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Prisoners of Corporate America


Everyday workers of corporate America may not feel like they are prisoners of the workplace, but in fact they are. Before I graduated from college, I remember being passed over for job promotions because I didn’t have a degree. This drove me to go back to college to complete my degree only to then be told that I was over qualified or I had the education, but now needed more experience. Still don’t think you’re a prisoner of your “career”? Have you ever found yourself training someone for a promotion that you thought you were a perfect fit for?

Here’s some things you should remember while working in the corporate America environment:
1) Stay loyal only to yourself and your family. Go ahead a take a vacation with the hours you’ve racked up on over the years.
2)Keep your resume updated. A lot of people in the corporate world get so complacent with their positions that they forget to update their resumes to include those extra duties.
3)Don’t forget your worth in the workplace. Remember that the longer you work the more experience you gain. Don’t take that lightly!!

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