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The Renewal Issue - 8th Anniversary

Put the Spark Back in Your Finances


By: Emerald Sparks

Money has a way of creeping into the majority of situations we encounter as adults. Therefore, let’s take a moment to treat our money right, let’s wine and dine it, and show it how much we care. This is not an article to tell you to love money or the things that money buys, more than you love your family or yourself, but just as we are told to foster a healthy relationship with our husband, we have to foster a healthy relationship with our money.

So many times, we want to break up with money. We don’t want to deal with it. I have asked myself many times, ‘Why DOESN’T money grow on trees?’and ‘Why can’t I just have whatever I want at whatever price I want it to be?’ We, as consumers, have to understand so much about money as it relates to taxes, interest rates, investing, savings, and spending. We go through highs and lows with money. On one hand, it makes us feel really awesome when we have it. On the other, we let money make us feel really bad when we don’t have it. Either way, I want us to fall in love with our financial situation, no matter the mountain or valley we are facing.

I would like to share some awesome tips I learned along my money journey to love my finances through it all.

  1. What Is For You, Is For You
    This is cardinal rule number one. No matter what IT is, if it destined for you, you will have it. There have been times I went into a store and could have easily charged whatever I wanted. However, I knew I couldn’t afford it. The purchase would have only made me happy for about 30 minutes, and then I would have kicked myself for doing something so stupid and meaningless. The point is, don’t force something that just isn’t there, and that will place you in a compromising situation later.
  2. Being Content, But Always Striving For Better
    Celebrities live a glamorous lifestyle. They have worked consistently to become famous and can afford some really awesome things, but I realized I am no celebrity. No one on this earth cares if I wear the same outfit twice. No one cares if my tag says Target or Givenchy, and no one cares if my shoes have a red bottom or not. I am content where I am and have learned to stop comparing myself to people, and putting unnecessary pressure on myself to have THINGS. I am content right where I am, but I am always striving to accomplish my personal and professional goals more so than I am trying to possess the latest and greatest.
  3. Just Because You Have It Doesn’t Mean You Have To Spend It
    It’s ok to say no. Do things in moderation. So many of my clients tell me they get sidetracked at Target or Sephora and just spend so much money. Boundaries and limitations are the keys to living. Remember, you only have one face; it can only handle one makeup application at a time. Additionally, I am sure the clearance item at Target is not a need because you would have purchased it for regular price if you were in the market to buy it originally.
  4. Treat Yourself
    If you have done a good deed, accomplished a real goal, and put in some real work, go out and treat yourself well. No, this is not an everyday thing, nor is this always an expensive item. It could be as simple as a pair of earrings. It does not have to be extravagant. People always think they have to spend hundreds of dollars on treating themselves, which is not true. I love food, so I have treated myself to my favorite lunch restaurant many times, while only spending $10.
  5. Hire A Professional
    We, as humans, are created with special strengths and abilities. We all are not blessed with the same strengths; therefore, it is ok if we have to hire professional help with our finances. People are very private with their money, I understand. Money is an intimate matter, and personal. I get it. However, if you are not great with money, you need a teacher. We allow professionals into our lives to cut/color our hair, cut/shape our bikini lines, nails, and toes, fix our iPads and iPhones, etc. But when it comes to money, we hide in a quiet corner and try to figure it out all by ourselves. Why? We struggle in silence for no reason. I have a financial advisor, had one since I was 22, and no matter how smart I am with money, I will never end that relationship.

Whatever your situation, love your finances, and they will love you back! I promise. Be good to your money now, so it can be good to you in the future when you really need it.