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Raeshetta Thompson & Allurea Salon and Spa


A few moments with entrepreneur Raeshetta Thompson, owner of Allurea Salon and Spa!


Royalty Service at it’s best

Ambition Magazine Who are the visionaries/creators of Allurea Salon and Spa?
Raeshetta Thompson: Raeshetta Thompson, Owner & Master Stylist! The name Allure came from being a synonym for beauty. (allure synonym for beauty).
AM: How many people do you have working in your salon?
RT: 4 contracted stylist, an Assistant Manager, a massage therapist, and a nail technician/
AM: When was Allurea founded?
RT: June 2006, and expanded from a salon to a spa in April 2011.
AM: What inspired you to start your own business and were there any struggles?
RT: Always wanted to own salon. It was sent from God. Was suppose to go into business with another stylist and things got shaky between us and the other stylist left the salon. Considered quitting the profession as a whole in 2006 because I was just getting the run around when trying to move salons. Ended up getting a call from someone I previously spoke with about opening a salon with the stylist and end up just moving forward through the help of my mother and boyfriend. The initial goal was to open the salon at 25 and was able to do it at 23.
AM: What are your goals for the future?
RT: Would like to grow into a chain. Goal of being able to open next salon within 5 years in Columbus but the timeline and location are flexible. Having name recognition, bigger trade show and premiere beauty shows, magazines, celebrities, mainstream and up and coming, styling.
AM: What was fun?
RT: Just in the salon having a nice time. Enjoy seeing the clients coming and having the clients feel good while they are there and be able to help change the mood of the clients.
AM: Advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs
RT: Hard work, pays off!

If you are in the Dayton you can contact Allurea Salon and Spa at:
Phone: 937.274.1600
Email: allureaspa@gmail.com

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