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RD Caldwell Jr.


Name: RD Caldwell Jr.

Location (City/State): Dayton, OH

Age: 30

What Services do you offer: I offer hour long personal training sessions. I also offer nutritional consultations, posing instruction, contest prep, power-lifting training and…. basically if it has to do with training I offer it! Over the course of 16 years I’ve worked with alot of different people with different ailments, injuries, body types, goals, etc. My passion is helping ALL people. Anywhere from your 14 year old student athlete to an 80 year old with Parkinson’s and everyone in between!

Title (trainer, coach, instructor, etc.): Certified Personal Trainer, Posing and Contest Prep Coach, Power-lifting Coach and Motivational Speaker.

How long have you been on this career path: I’ve been in the personal training business since 1998.

What encouraged you to take on a career in the fitness world: When I first started working out people would always ask me to train them.

What have been your challenges, on you personal health & fitness journey: As an optimist, I see all challenges as an opportunity for change and growth. I am working on developing more discipline over time, especially as it pertains to nutrition.

What has helped you push closer to your goals as a fitness professional: I believe that the good Lord has allowed great people to come into my life and the importance of establishing relationships with great like-minded people. Supportive family and friends!

Top 3 most valuable pieces of advice you give to those on a journey of their own: Do things properly and with patience! Proper nutrition, proper training and get the proper amount of sleep! You have to eat right, train right and get enough rest and recuperation in order to get the results you want. Do these three things consistently and over time you will reach your goals.

What’s on your gym/ workout playlist: Christian Rap

What is your favorite workout: All of them! I love working out. It’s been 16 years of total joy for me. I love being able to mold and sculpt my body as an artist would a piece of clay. I love the ability to envision how I want to look 5 years from now and each workout brings me closer to that goal.

What is your motivation: I believe that GOD has blessed me with certain gifts, therefore I am motivated to use those blessings to glorify GOD and showcase HIS power, HIS strength, HIS glory and HIS majesty. I believe that through JESUS CHRIST the possibilities are limitless.

What are your goals for the remainder of 2014: I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the “show me state”. So follow me, watch and see!


Contact information
Facebook: RD Caldwell Jr.
Instagram: rdcaldwelljr
YouTube channel: rdcaldwelljr
Email: rocksolidpt@sbcglobal.net
Phone: 937-361-7684

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