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RECAP – Daymond John’s Launch Academy (Dayton)


August 16th I attended the Daymond John Launch Academy hosted in Beavercreek, OH.

Immediate review: D

Now for the why…
One of the first questions that everyone asked, ‘was he there?’ No! This actually wasn’t a disappointing factor for me, I never expected him to be there. So moving on, the registration process was okay, not an extremely personable group but it was okay. This is a personal pet peeve and probably goes more to the facility that it does to the Launch Academy team, the seats were way to close. I despise going into a room especially with a bunch a strangers and you have crammed these chairs so close that you are pretty much sitting on top of one another. Especially when you are forcing people to sit next to each other so that there are no empty seats.

Now the presenter of the day, Vincent Dowd, had a nice presence an energy about him. I enjoyed him overall. His opening statement was about how people engage more with paid content than they do with free content, encouraging us to pretend we had paid for the event. This immediately put me on guard, early content disclaimers do not put me in the mindset that I am about to receive something great. There was a lot of bullet point content but very little meat to the presentation. Within about the first 15 to 20 minutes of the 90 minute presentation, we were hit with the big offer. A 3 day event at the minimal cost of $3997. This was then followed with the encourage of betting on yourself, investing in yourself and the financial sacrifices of our presenter, Mr. Dowd. This was not the actual sales push, this was the seed being planted. We went on through a couple bullet point topics. Once the offer was on the table a lot of the verbal content was based on taking a chance fiscally and how playing it safe is not the mindset of rich/ wealthy people. The two topics that I remember the most were the business card and the pitch discussion. I was really excited for both but I have not had either seriously critiqued in a while. With the pitches, there were three of four of us who stood up and gave our pitches. He replied after hearing the individual pitches with an ‘I love you but…’ and never provided any real feedback. The only feedback he gave is that we all started our pitches with I making ourselves the focus instead of the business. That was something general but at least gave me something to think about when working on my pitch. Now here comes the deal, $1997, which if you are interested is actually a good deal. The deal was followed by commentary of, this is how we will know if you are really serious.

Let’s fast forward. As we were leaving I was approached by a part of the team and we discussed payment. This was when the whole situation failed for me. I remember this woman telling me, if you decide to participate I can make arrangements for you, if you need we can do a little cash and split the remaining across several credit cards. I already wasn’t participating, but that did it for me. I believe in sacrifice. I believe that in order for you to soar towards great things you have to be uncomfortable in some way to push you to greatness or whatever is next for you. I just do not believe that the only form of sacrifice is financial. In this day and time, when we are trying to clean up finances and become debt free, I find that rhetoric interesting to say the least.

To wrap this up, I won’t say that it was completely bad, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I grabbed some affirmation(able) quotes. (Yes I made up that word, sometimes you have to lighten the situation). That was it for me. I would be interested to talk to those who had a different experience, comment below.

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