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A Business Administration major from Elmira College in upstate New York, Travis Wilder was once too focused on studies and sports to hear the call of what would become his future… Until it called again, this time with a more detailed message, Travis had no choice but to listen to what God’s intentions for him was. After this wonderful realization, faith soon stepped in and Spiritual Sport Socks [SSS] was on it’s way to becoming the specialty sport sock shop created to encourage and inspire youth through God’s words. Each pair of socks comes with inspiring words from bible verses, new verses added quarterly. The selected verses used in the future will be universal and surely inspiring to the feet walking in the socks.

As the sole employee, Travis serves as the visionary, worker bee, negotiator, shipper and much more. Many small business building logistics were learned, determined and completed by him. Truly believing that he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him, it was only right that Phil 4:13 was the verse on the first pair of socks.

After graduation Travis moved back to Michigan. His major supporting forces come from his church family at Faith Tabernacle Worship Ministry, where his mom is the pastor. The SSS team is steadfast and consistent as many of the strong anchors have been behind this PK and his efforts for some time. From high school friends to past coaches, the encouragement, criticism, support, realness and most importantly prayers, ensure that the decisions made reflect the ministry. It is this that keeps Travis grounded and accountable as a loyal servant of the Lord and striving to reach more hearts to do the same. Sometimes opposition tries to sneak in through the way of critics who always have negative comments about what you are doing and the decisions you are making. Sometimes there is fear of doing what is unknown to you, but blessings have continuously flowed SSS continues to strive.

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Planning for the future, SSS hopes to be competitive in the athletic sock industry. This starts with the quality of the comfy nylon material that includes the cool max feature that is necessary for those of you with the sweaty toes, so I’ve heard. These foot features are $5 a pair and can serve as a great add on gift or stocking stuffer this holiday season, and reaffirming the reason, Jesus! There are also fundraising opportunities for church groups and sports teams. Currently being sold in 13 Detroit stores and online, buyer’s span from the States, internationally and beyond! Be sure to check it out at www.spiritualsportsocks.com

Travis can be contacted through social media (of course!)
Facebook:Spiritual Sports Socks

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