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I am a queen and I should be treated as such. 

I’m not saying bow down to me but gentle should be your touch.
soft should be your words
but loud should be your verbs
I’m tired of your foolish games
and I’m disgusted by these stupid names
I am a queen and I should be treated as such
And no honey that isn’t asking for too much
You always seem to think I’m on games but, a queen
does not have time for games in her daily routine
She has to tend to her kingdom day after day
She has to plan battles &wars &send the soldiers on their way
She has to make sure the kingdom has plenty of harvest for
the harsh winter months and more
A queen has much to do so playing games with you
is something she can’t afford to do.
I am a queen and I should be treated as such
this is not at all asking for too much
I have to battle a painful war every month for a week
One thing I have no time for is the WEAK
I’m fighting against my own countrymen
because they feel that THE BEST come from ENGLAND
I constantly lose KINGS day by day in battles not fought
Kings bringing me jewels not bought
I seek the jewels of his mind more than the jewels of his clothes
I don’t want the jewels in his pants but the jewels in his goals
I fell for the Kingly jewels of his personality
Not the sparkling Jewels hanging between his knees
I am a Queen and I should be treated as such
&only a King would understand this much
Just because I call myself a Queen
doesn’t mean
I think I’m better than you or higher than you
because in my eyes you can be a Queen or King too
A Queen needs a King to govern a kingdom
but lately I’ve been seeing many kingdoms forming without them
My Kings know your place in this world each and every one of you
No matter what you
have done or where you have been
A King IS inside of you and it’s time for him to step in
We Queens need you, but don’t let it go to your head
b/c like Cleopatra, the kingdom will be ruled whether the King be alive or dead
I am a Queen and I should be treated as such
Anyone who doesn’t think of themselves as royalty would say I’m asking for too much
My fellow Queens out there know who and whose you be
You deserve a King &a Kingdom someday w/the gloves &cup of tea
If you act like a peasant to these guys a peasant you shall be
And guys if you act like a weak soldier then weak you are to me
Stand up glorious Kings and Queens and fight for better days
Turn them to blues and bright colors from darks and grays
King this is for you, hold your head up high
Fight the fight for YOUR kingdom, standing royally, up high
Queens this is for you, hold on and keep fighting those wars
Come out VICTORIOUS in the ones that bring you sores
Kings you are great and you deserve Queens too
So fight for your kingdom and Queen and one day they will come to you
Those that act like the peasants deserve Kings or Queens as well
But you have to become a Queen or King, only time will tell
Some need a wakeup call
Some will never wake up at all
Queens soon your King will come
No time for tears, Show your kingdom your strong
Kings and Queens come one come all
We are Royalty and we should be treated as such
Love one another right, is that really asking for too much?

My name is Myisha Myles and I am 21 years young. I am currently going to school for my Associates degree in English. My dream is to one day be a writer and my two inspirations are my father and Tyler Perry. Be blessed, without God ambition is nothing but with God ambition has no limits.smile makeup


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