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Seeing a little color in the forecast


Well I am having a better week than last!

I realized something about myself last week that is extremely important! I eat bad when I don’t do well with my weight loss. Instead of helping the situation and committing to eating better or continuing the good habits I do the opposite. I never realized this before.

10399437_816985128326852_745539007076679497_nIt’s one of those things where if I am eating bad and not working out, OK I will deal with those consequences. On the flip side of things if I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and then I don’t see results I get pissed off. I try to mask it, and focus on the positive news that I received and all that. The reality is, I begin to sabotage everything. I subconsciously begin to make a excuses for why I am not tearing up my diet and I set a future date to get back on track. My hope is that now that I am aware of this that I can fix the problem.

On a brighter note, I had an amazing time at Color Vibe this weekend and I am really looking forward to the Color & Glow run in September. My goal for this one was working on my overall time walking. My goal for September is to potentially run a good majority of the run. I am really thankful for the ladies in my training group. They make mistakes and they admit their mistakes and those are the type of people I need to be around. The encouragement that they give me when we are together and even when we are not, helps me get through those negative moments.
Thank you ladies!


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