Shea Butter Notes

Shea Butter Notes

Do you all remember Cliff’s Notes? The internet definitely messed up their business model! Anyway, below you will find the “Cliff’s Noters” for shea butter.

What is it? a off white/ivory-colored fat from the nut of the African shea tree

Where do I buy it? it grows in the savanna of West and Central Africa. I recommend purchasing from local health food stores or trusted beauty suppliers. Buying through Amazon may yield a product that is not in good condition or a product that is dyed or made from a different nut entirely labelled as shea!

When should I use it? it’s best used on hair that needs hold for styles like twists, twist out, bantu knots/out. Recommended: for coarse and kinky hair

How do I use it? add it after you use a moisturizer (a product with water). Use it in it’s unrefined (the most natural form) or refined form to style hair and seal in moisture.

Why use it? it is rich in Vitamin A and E. It’s edible, great for skin as well as hair and unrefined is all natural.

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