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Speak It! Claim It! Keep Satan Out!


imagesCA3VBRPLSatan creeps in when we allow him to. We must be mindful to keep the door to our lives, the door to our peace, the door that travels to our joy and happiness closed to Satan. Being mindful of what we speak over and into our lives, what we claim, and what we believe will guard the doors to our lives. Proverbs 18:21 tells us that life and death is in the power of the tongue; which helps us to understand that we have the power to speak blessings as well as curses into our lives.

The Word of God instructs us to pray and ask that a guard be set before our mouths and for watch to be kept at the door of our lips. When we do that we refrain from giving Satan an open invitation to come through the doors of our lives and take an extended vacation in our mind, body, and spirit. We should pray daily that God’s angels encamps themselves around us and cover us from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet. God has given us power to speak his promises over and into our lives. We have to remind ourselves daily that we are children of God and he has his seal of protection around us. That as long as we have a heart for God and walk by faith we should have not one worry over our circumstances nor should we have any negative thoughts surrounding us. For when we know that we are protected by the Most High and maintain a godly attitude we will always win!

Writer’s Thoughts:

We have to speak God’s word into our lives & close the door to the lies & tactics of the devil. When we allow Satan to enter the door of our minds he has the power to take charge of our thoughts. Satan can take hold of a healthy body and plant seeds of sickness into the mind; and before we know it we are lying before a death bed. Same thing goes with success and circumstances. If we allow Satan to enter our minds by drowning in self-pity and despair about every obstacle placed in front of us viewing ourselves as defeated and useless eventually failure becomes a friend. Or we will become so paralyzed by fear of failing that we will end up hindering our own blessings by not remaining stagnant. We have to not forget to speak life into our circumstances. Speak life into our marriages. Speak life into our kids, careers, businesses, dreams, goals, family, and finances. We have to let Satan know that we have clear understanding of just who he is. A thief and a liar and he have no control over our God given destiny. If Satan says that we will fail then we can remind him that we will win as long as the Lord is on our side. If Satan says we will never amount to anything then we can remind him that with the Lord on our side we are limitless. If Satan says he will take control of our kids then we can remind him that as long as we train them up in the way they shall go they will not depart from it. If Satan says that our circumstances are so deep we may never get out of them we can remind him that there is no place too deep that God cannot reach down and pull us out of.




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