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The Renewal Issue - 8th Anniversary

Spring Cleaning for your Closet


by: Sydney Murdock

The most exciting part about the beginning of a new season has to be the fact that it is also time to refresh and sometimes resuscitate your wardrobe. With a new season comes a fresh outlook on the possibilities of getting dressed, the need to dust off what’s in storage and the opportunity to impress yourself and others. With all of those possibilities in mind, I’ve packed this read with some key advice that you’ll need to start the season off right, in the place that feeds it all – your closet. Did you know that 80 percent of your personal styling wins and losses are created based on the state of your closet? From the contents of what happens to be in it to the organizational methods that you are choosing OR ignoring, your closet breeds every single look that you create (good or bad). Your wardrobe deserves some TLC when the seasons change. Just like a muscle, your personal style won’t work if you don’t – so, let’s get to it.


The Purge


So, you didn’t think you’d dive into this without dropping some weight, did you? Figuratively speaking, anything in your closet that isn’t serving you is dead weight. That’s right. Nothing good can come from owning items that aren’t what you want, need or desire. As you walk into your closet for a good Spring Cleaning Session, remember these easy points to get you into purge mode:


  1. Follow the Three F’s


What you allow to stay in your closet should fit one, two or ALL of these categories. The items should actually FIT your body and body type; the items should be FUNCTIONAL with your particular lifestyle, job title and future goals; and the items should make you feel FABULOUS when wearing them. We shouldn’t be holding onto or wearing items that don’t fit because they actually make us look two to three sizes bigger than what we are. Items that don’t fit actually shouldn’t be hanging around in our closets at all because they often make us feel sad about once being that size, pressure us mentally to get back to that size and don’t make us feel happy with where we are. We shouldn’t be harboring clothing that isn’t functional because we should be living in the ‘NOW’. We have to dress how we expect to be addressed, and it’s really challenging to do that when you’re dressing for the old version of you. Lastly, we shouldn’t be keeping anything that makes us feel less than. The only items that should be in your closet are those that make you feel fabulous, OR those that are components of looks that make you feel that way.


  1. Develop a probationary period


Your clothing has been granted access to your closet in hopes that you will wear it. So, give your clothing and yourself a probationary period to push yourself to actually use it. Often times, we find ourselves looking deep into the closet to find tons of items with tags still attached. The problem with this is the fact that you’re wasting money, hurting the environment and consuming space with things you don’t actually need. I suggest an 18-month rule, where you challenge yourself to get rid of items that you haven’t worn within that time frame. It’s time to get serious about our wardrobes if we are wanting to truly see results in the way we show up in a room and for ourselves. So, any clothing that isn’t doing the job should definitely get the boot.


  1. Don’t Forget about Wear and Tear


We’ve all done it, right? Held on to that favorite tee shirt that actually has holes in it. But, why do we hold onto pieces that we’re actually embarrassed to sport due to wear and tear? If the items you have are damaged, overworn, stained or beyond repair, then it’s your job to remove them from the premises and replace them. There is nothing worse than being caught in clothing that you should have disposed of months ago. It kills your confidence and the confidence that onlookers actually have of you, because you don’t care enough to address that issue in your closet.


Despite your taste, preferences or personal style goals, everything begins and ends with your closet. If we consider the fact that most people only wear 20 percent of what’s in their closet, it is critical to challenge yourself to locate and fill your closet with items you will actually wear. Jump into your closet head first this spring by giving it a deep clean that will reward you with an understanding of what you have, why you own it and what you plan to do with it. The key to a great closet is simply the maintenance. Good luck!