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So often you hear people say I want to start my own business but…

The things the follow that but are fears, excuses and society. At a point in time you had to have a lot of money and plan to start your business for years before kicking it off. To be honest, those elements are still true in SOME arenas, but not all. Even with those businesses that need start up capital there are things that can be done in a matter of days that will allow you to start your own business sooner than later.

I was re-reading this article that was posted on Black Enterprise last year, ‘How to Start a Business in 10 Days’. The article in itself I found to be okay! It gave basic information that regardless of how big or small your business will be you need to complete these actions to differing degrees. The part that was really interesting were the comments that followed. People were defeating themselves in starting a business before they could even finish the article. There are some things you just need to start doing and see what heights you reach!

Can you START a business in 10 days? Yes, I absolutely believe that! Will the work be complete and you just be able to start collecting money in 10 days? I can’t promise you that.

Check out these steps provided by Black Enterprise and let me know what you think.

  • Day 1 – Draw up a business plan
  • Day 2 – Study the market
  • Day 3 – Build out your brand
  • Day 4 – Incorporate the business
  • Day 5 – Set up a lean machine
  • Day 6 – Start selling
  • Day 7 – Work the media
  • Day 8 – Fake it to make it
  • Day 9 – Work in and on your business
  • Day 10 – Throw a party

Read the full article on Black Enterprise’s website, http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/228659!


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