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Step 7: Your Network Affects Your Net-Worth


Something I didn’t understand until after a solid year of business is how those you associate with can really have an effect on your business whether you are with them or not. This is true for both the positive and the negative people in your life.

Coming into adulthood and entrepreneurship I knew and understood that my circle would become smaller and tighter. As I got older I saw it happening for multiple different reasons. In some cases it was disagreements that at the time seemed to be unable to repair, in some cases it was just the different directions that life took us in. In those cases it wasn’t a thing of not getting along it was just lifestyle or location. Just because a person isn’t in your inner circle does not mean they are a bad person you may just not be vibing on a personal level. In respect to business there are very similar reasons. I distanced myself from people who were negative and just not supportive of my want to be self-employed. With some people it was their individual actions that made me question if it was smart for me to associate with them. Those individuals brought on the most anxiety. It was difficult for me to distance myself from people who were toxic to themselves but supportive to me. I struggled with if it was really necessary to leave them alone because they hadn’t done anything wrong towards me. What changed my mind? When you go into a meeting and people recognize you based off of not your negative actions but of those actions of another person, your mind quickly changes.

Now that was the more negative aspects of everything. On the positive side of things you must nurture those relationships with positive and motivated people. The point of nurturing the positive relationships is because people who are individually driven will help drive you and our great accountability partners. Everyone has days of doubt or just a lack of motivation. When you have a network of strong, determined people around you they bring you out of those funks. Those people email you with that tip that you just happened to need that day without even talking to you. Those people call you with a surprising amount of praise for something you didn’t even realize was a serious matter. When you have a positive network they don’t speak highly of you to stroke your ego, they do it because they believe in you.

Do you believe in yourself enough to surround yourself with the right people?