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Stop Craving Acceptance


So the act of craving acceptance is problematic for sooooo many reasons. The number one reason is because no one is guaranteed to have to same level of want for the things you are doing.

Now I will admit that I am a different case. Not because I’m special but in many ways I am the only child so as a kid there really was no one around for me to crave acceptance from. If I told an adult in the room that I wanted to play dolls unless I was asking them to play with me they didn’t care. Ok go do it. It wasn’t a discussion of no let’s color instead or let’s play basketball or whatever. I just did.

Good, bad or indifferent, I carry that sentiment into many areas of my life. I believe in everything that I am doing. Am I doing all of it the ‘right’ way, probably not for the simple fact that I am not even sure if there is a such a thing as a right way. Create a plan and then dive in. There will be bumps in every road. In my experience, when I care about what the masses say the least, I get the most support. When I am working to figure out what everyone else wants it’s crickets. So guess what… We are going to do what Keisha wants (which isn’t a huge adjustment to every day life) and if something goes wrong i’ll fix it.

Why take on the pressure of being upset or disappointed about someone else’s lack of enthusiasm? Are you excited? Do you believe in what your doing? If the answer to the last two questions were yes, then go for it. Now if you were hesitant then you may want to take a break and really reflect because if you aren’t sure then there is no way that anyone else can be for you.

*This is not a business post by any means, we look for acceptance in many areas of life. It’s okay to check in and make sure you are not going to far off into your own world but remember no one will ever be as passionate about your project as you?

Have you ever started a project that no one got behind in the beginning and then out of nowhere you had tons of support? Share your stories with me below.

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