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What does SUPPORT look like?


Support does not have one face, it has many; but it does have a requirement of being actionable!

Due to the various stages that we all go through in life, we are not always able to support in one way. Sometimes, support comes in the form of presence. It may be a time when you are not monetarily available to support someone; or their product may not be made for you, but the fact that you show up shows that person you support them. This is true even outside of business owners, it’s also true for athletes and artists.

There is that sounding board, which is, that person or those people who just allow you to sound off when things are going on. Very necessary! No matter how much you love what you do, there are days, people and companies that are going to aggravate you. It is the inevitable!

Then, you have those who can provide verbal/social media support. These people blast (in a positive manner) you to everyone they can. Whether it is a plug when someone asks for a person of your expertise, share a status on social media or simply mentioning the friend that they are proud of because of, “….”

We all know about monetary support, enough said!

These are some of the most easily identified ways that people support one another. My question is, “Do you support others the way, in which, you expect and request that they support you????”

I have a nice support system. I have learned how people support me and I lean on them in those ways. I am appreciative for all levels of support because they all help the business to prosper. I do, occasionally, have to ask some questions to myself while wasting my time on social media. There are some business owners who I have never seen promote another person; if said person was not benefiting what they were doing. They promote another business when they are paid to, or when they are partnering.

What does it say to you when you see that?
What are your thoughts, when you support someone, and then, you don’t get that in return?
What do you think about those who always want a discount from you but require you to pay full price?

The longer I am in business and the more I develop my business, the more I realize the type of person and the type of supporter I want to be. People know, LeKeisha the individual, will promote any and everyone that is doing something great. LeKeisha, ‘Ambition Magazine’ and ‘Female Elite’ are all different entities that can not and will not be mixed. Everything that is good for LeKeisha is not always appropriate for either business. That doesn’t stop me from supporting, I simply support under the individual and not the company. Yet, I still support.

I am not going to delve into the things I hate to see people do, that do show a shared support for one another (at least not in this blog), but I do challenge you to look at yourself. Are you the friend that you expect people to be to you? Are you the caliber of colleague that you desire? Can you honestly say that you support others’ events the way that you expect them to support yours (without incentive)?


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