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Summer is full of great food and my favorite fashion. I can’t speak for everyone but I thoroughly enjoy me some fun in the sun, especially in the water. I love to be at the beach, in a pool or at least near a pool. I live for going swim shopping for a new suit and everything to go with it. Just like any other outfit, you should make sure that your swimwear is functional but more importantly that it compliments your body type. You always want to make sure that your suit is highlighting your best assets and masking your flaws. No one wants to be caught at the pool in the wrong swimwear! While choosing the right suit is at the top of the list of things do to prepare for swimsuit season, proper grooming comes in a close 2nd. You want to make sure that you have successfully eradicated all unsightly and unnecessary hair. My preferred method of body hair removal is waxing. Body waxing may top the list as the most painful means of getting rid of unwanted hair but it is the most effective and straight to the point. You can try whatever method works for you, just make sure you smooth it out.

Most women fall into one of 5 categories of basic body types. This is not to say that some of us don’t fall in between body types or that some women aren’t in a league of their own. The 5 basic body types are as follows:



*Apple (rounded) –  top-heavy with a smaller bottom half and little waist definition.

**Athletic (inverted triangle) –  narrow hips with broader shoulders and muscular legs

***Curvy (hourglass) The bust and hips are close in measurement and the waist is seemingly smaller in proportions.

*****Straight (rectangle/diamond)-  have very few curves. Both the waist and hip measurements are usually close in number.

                     There are no bad apples in this bunch! Apple shaped ladies have to focus on accentuating their lower body. Try a one piece that is fuller on top, one that has ruching or an abstract design near or on the midsection. Rushing provides a buffer for those of us who want to tastefully distract attention from our tummies. You can rock a 2 piece too! A tankini with a printed top and solid bottom would work great your body type! Skip anything with skimpy strings and very busy details on the swimsuit bottom.

applebodyswim apple-shaped swim1

halterWomen with an athletic build will look good in a suit with a more feminine flair, one that will soften their athletic build. The cups on the top should have some padding. Look for a bottom with some embellishment on the hips with a girly print (i.e. floral). You may want to accessorize your suit with a dainty body chain, strategically placed on your waist; this will also assist in feminizing your over all look. Stay away from masculine inspired cuts such as boy shorts as they do nothing for your figure. In fact they cover up the few feminine curves that you may have.

 Ok Miss 36-24-36, we all hate you! LOL! Just kidding (Smile). Curvy women need swimwear that compliments their curves but still holds everything in place. The last thing you want to do is show up at the pool with your assets hanging out and shaking everywhere. You should wear a solid or a print, such as small polka dots or stripes. The smaller prints won’t take the attention off of your beautiful curves, ladies. Your swimsuit tops should always have a good and supportive relationship with the “girls.” Good support tops for you are ones with underwire, halter tops and they should contain a strap of some kind. If you aren’t as comfortable with your curves just yet, throw on a cute full cover up. Or go completely left field and opt for a sexy one piece, maybe one with a peplum. Try to steer clear of string bikinis as they don’t offer enough support. You don’t want to take the risk of everything shifting and exposing your goods to the kids at the pool. Talk about embarrassing!

curvy1_1   SwimPolka_target   SwimUrbanOutfitters_I130622123501


Women with a pear shape should take advantage of mixing prints and solids. Try a solid bottom with a printed top.profile-by-gottex-colorblock-swimsuit Full coverage bottoms are flattering for you. This includes: briefs, boy shorts and hipsters. These shapes will mask any flaws in your hips and thighs while accentuating you as well. Since your bust is usually smaller than your hips and thighs, some cleavage emphasis works in your favor at the top. A halter or top with padding will draw the attention from your broader hips up to your top. You can also wear a cover up on just your bottom half if you would like. My pear-shaped sisters can also go with a colorblocked one piece with a dark color on the bottom and lighter/brighter colors on top. This will give you some forgiveness on the bottom but still be über flattering to your upper body.


invertedtriangleswimStraight sisters can go extreme with their choice in swimwear. They can either fake some curves or go very skimpy. This body type can go with the crowd fav, a swimsuit with padded cups to create some cleavage. Something with some dainty ruffles on top, bottom or both, this will aid in distracting the eye away from the fact that there are few curves. Or they have the privilege to go all out with the itty-bitty- teeny-weeny- yellow-polka-dot bikini! You know the one that we all wish we could wear! A monokini is perfect one piece for you! This design will help you create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Women with a straight body type should avoid bandeau tops and sport inspired bottoms (i.e. boy shorts). These tend to add more straight to an already slightly boxy frame.


Don’t stop at the suit! Just like any other ensemble, your swimwear should be tastefully accessorized. Here’s a list of some things that you can try (but not limited to these): Body chains, Cover ups, Sun hats, Cute beach bags, Sunnies (shades), Cute footwear (FUNCTIONAL of course!)sophiaswim

All of these things are simply suggestions, not rules to swim by. These are just some of the basics to get you started and headed in the right direction. Whatever you decide on, just make sure it works for YOU. Happy swimming, diving, sunbathing, beaching, vacationing…


Until next time,

Stay Fashionable

The Fashion Wordsmith

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  1. Anonymous June 10, 2014

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This was a GREAT article. Reading this has gave me insight on what to wear this summer when I hit the pools and the beach!!! Thanks so much!!!

  2. Anonymous June 10, 2014

    Congratulations Simone great article and really helpful!

  3. Anonymous June 11, 2014

    Excellent article! Good information on all the different types of swimwear for all body types and even those in between. Keep up the good work. Stay with it!

  4. Shana June 11, 2014

    Excellent article! Great information on the different types of swimwear for all body types and even those in between. Keep up the good work. Stay with it!


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