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Phillip Nickelz and Cardiac are a hilarious and driven duo that created The Administrative Music Group (T.A.M.G.). These gentlemen who were brought together around 2007 by mutual friend and producer EStyalz have a simple desire to make good music, be successful and have fun in the process.

When talking about the about their initial meeting and introduction, both talk jokingly about the hesitance of meeting one another and the possibility of their drives not matching. Multiple times before the men had attempted to pair with others to go after this music dream and it just didn’t work. Once talking to Cardiac and Phillip about their journey to music the men had similar stories and it became obvious why their friend wanted to see them collaborate.

Both men started writing and performing at an early age and still remember writing and performing their first rap. Phill refused to fill us in on the details but emphasized that he was 6 and it was EMBARRASSING! Cardiac on the other hand was willing to spill the beans on his 1st experience since he got into trouble for not only writing but performing his rap while sitting in his seat at the Kingdom Hall. You can see these two have been entertaining for sometime. Both men did attribute the continuance of their dedication to others in some aspects. Cardiac attributes pushing forward in a more serious manner to his wife in some ways. He says she is a hard sale on music and when she liked his work and thought he should pursue it that was just another catalyst for him. Phil attributes some of the focus to former recording engineer Joe Winner. After an unproductive and somewhat costly studio session where there was more partying and alcohol than focus, Winner put him on restriction to where he could only bring a two liter of Pepsi and box of Cheez-Its (and the Cheez-Its were for Winner) . He saw the restriction as someone believing in him and his focused changed. Both say that is was really getting recognition from those they didn’t know that helped as well. Your friends can really gas you up but when people who have no familiarity or relation to you recognize your talent that means something.

Now there are some of you out there that may remember these two as The Administration but due to naming conflict and another organization having a Powerhouse behind them they had to adjust the name, bringing us to The Administrative Music Group. They are looking to branch out and add people to their label who would bring the right fit into the equation. Although they do work with a small group of other individuals, they all fall under separate entities.
Acording to the men T.A.M.G. one of the issues for new artist coming into the game can be finances. Putting emphasis on the fact that Rap life and Rap Music are very different things in terms of the actual lifestyle people are rapping about versus what they are actually living. The ratio of people producing beats versus those wanting them is very competitive.

One thing that both felt was previously a struggle but more recently seems to be turning around is the appreciation for lyrics. There is a very imperative need for the separation of music for the club and real lyrics! Being a lover of music I definitely prefer a great beat in the club versus the socially conscious lyrics that I listen to when I’m vibing at home. These guys are bringing you music you can vibe to and has content, lyricist!

Producers on T.A.M.G’S current projects: ClearCutt Productions, Rogue Regime, Mike Dolo, VTZ, and Drem On Productions just to name a few.

Projects released by T.A.M.G.
• The Administration – The Stimulus Package
• Phillip Nickelz – The Phill Nicks EP
• Cardiac/ ThaDoubleO.com The Infection Prelude to 28
• Cardiac – 28 Beats Later

Projects to be released by T.A.M.G.
• Phillip Nickelz/ Demarco – Summa Cum Laude
• Cardiac- The Progression
• Phillip Nickelz- A Beautiful Mind
• Cardiac- New Day New Pay
• T.A.M.G. Stimulus Package II

Moving forward T.A.M.G. just wishes for continued success with their venture and being placed in a situation that will provide them with the support to push to the next level, whatever that may be. Advising those potentially wanting to break into the music industry to be careful to not come into this industry jaded because you can lose a lot of money that way. For those of you who are chasing a dream, not necessarily related to music, make sure that you take it seriously and know that every day you will learn something new.

Make sure to check out T.A.M.G……
Email- TAMG.Music@gmail.com
DatPiff.com – www.datpiff.com/TheAdministration
YouTube – Cardiac937
SoundCloud – Phill-Nicks, cardi937
ReverbNation – cardiac937
FaceBook – Phillipnickelz
Twitter:- cardi937, phillnicks