Testimonials – Ambition Magazine
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Ambition Magazine offers a platform for small business owner to receive acknowledgment for their achievement. If gives us as business owners a sense of pride and accomplishment being honored for things we would otherwise be looked over for doing. Seeing the other small businesses flourish and grow give me a sense of hope. Ambition Magazine ignites the passion I have for my work and lets me really see that what I have done is more special that I give myself credit. I appreciate Ambition Magazine and can’t wait to see it grow on a national scale!

Jillian Davis
Master Stylist

Ambition Magazine offers a multi-faceted window to a courageous, aspiring and success-driven entrepreneur’s soul. Their content is rich in diversity coming from a brilliant team of writers, contributors and featured successful personalities providing qualified perspectives to maximize your edge in winning the ever-dynamic world of entrepreneurship. Ambition Magazine is a precious find in the sea of information. I encourage all like-minded entrepreneurs out there to treat yourselves to a new refreshing source of advantage.

Shanesia Winston
Savvy Business Makers, LLC

As an encompassing magazine I believe that it is well on its way. The content contain a wide range or articles that showcase and educate on how to be ambitious and forward moving. The main focus of Ambition Magazine is to highlight young entrepreneurs, documenting their aspirations, motivations, and success stories. Providing a fresh new venue to obtain inspiration to readers who are considering stepping out on faith and starting their own businesses. The magazine also provides insight on education, fashion, fitness and spiritual wellbeing, all while keeping the common thread of bettering yourself. I enjoy reading about the successes of small businesses, but also learning what obstacles and hardships posed problems, and how they overcame them.

Michele Crawford
Designing For Fun Blog

Ambition Magazine has a reputation of being a telescope into the world of the young urban professional. The enlightening interviews and articles on entrepreneurship and current events have proven to be captivating and relevant in today’s society. I look forward to reading each new issue on the day it released.

Eboni Jones

I love Ambition Magazine. The articles cover so many relevant topics and are written in an unbiased point of view. The editor works hard to stay up on trends and puts out a quality periodical. Keep up the good work.

Faith Redd-Walker
Owner, Master Esthetician
Faithfully Yours Beauty