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The Anatomy of the Blame Game


There will without a doubt be millions of opinion pieces written today about our Presidential election results. Some of you have written several on Facebook already. So here are my two cents…

For the first time in my short time voting in presidential elections, I put my phone down, rolled over and went to bed. In my body I already knew the results. I woke up, rolled over and picked up my phone to see that Trump won and Issue 9 passed (Dayton (OH) – Montgomery County issue) and said “Okay.” I’m disappointed but I’m not surprised. I live in Ohio and the reality is that Ohio is racist and classist. I’m not going to say it was all of one or the other but in fact a combination of the two. Unfortunately HATE won on all fronts. I’m by no means happy but I am also not going to allow myself to feel or act defeated. That is what is wanted. Let’s quickly discuss the racist coworker that voted for Trump. They want you to come to work looking pitiful and depressed that just adds to their joy. The classist too! We all know people who make minimum wage who will judge for coming to shop in sweats. I’m sorry I didn’t feel like wearing a suit to buy a purse, is that a new store policy. I’ve personally dealt with these things in overt manner long before now so maybe that’s why I feel this way. My reality is as upset, and disappointed I am in the fact that the President Elect is Donald Trump I refuse to behave as though my life is over. I will not give in and give up. I will not give the world the satisfaction.

Now on to some self responsibility reality. If you did not vote, you cannot complain about anything, especially anything that was on the ballot or is affected by the 2016 election. I don’t want to hear anything about the lessor of two evils or any of that. That’s always the case. We are mortals and lack the ability to be perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect candidate. We are talking about politicians, there are no such thing as promises. A politician’s platform is a list of things that that person WANTS to do. Sometimes they/ we get what we want and sometimes we don’t, but there are no guarantees in politics.

For those who said, “I’m going to show the Democratic Party and make them earn my vote.” Did the Republican Party, Libertarian Party, Green-Rainbow Party “earn” your vote? I’m seriously curious.

Now for those who are depressed, writing sad/ depressing Facebook post after sad/ depressing Facebook post. Is it making you feel better or are you making your self more depressed about something that now can’t be changed? I voted in my first Presidential election in 2004, which was the last Bush term. I don’t remember today how I felt then, but I do remember thinking he was a terrible President. Yet here I am today, still alive and still living in the US. All I can do is pray that in 2020, I can look at say well I made it through some more nonsense and I have done the work on my end.

To the Saints, I find it quite funny that you were all for God being in control until Hilary didn’t win and now everyone who actually believes that is a hypocrite. That’s cool.

A lot of things you want to blame your President for are not even functions of the President. Who is your Governor, what is he doing for your state? Who are your Congressman and Senators and State Representatives? Are they voting in your interest or just along party lines? Let’s bring it into your backyard. Who are your Mayor, Commissioners, City Manager, City Council, School Board members? You know the people who are treated like celebrities but aren’t doing a damn thing (well at least not in the city of Dayton, excuse me for the West Side). The ones who walk past their constituents and don’t have the time to speak. The ones who don’t show up for the ribbon cuttings of our businesses. The ones who don’t patron our small businesses and local businesses. Well until it’s time for them to run again. They are the ones who are truly effecting you everyday living in the immediate.

Let us not forget the most important person. What are you doing? I’m not calling for everyone to be an activist because that is not what we are all called to do. You do the best you can from your skill set, whatever that may be.

I do the best that I can. I’m not an activist, that is not my calling in life. I support those who are in the things I agree with. If you can say you are holding up your end of the bargain, then continue and lets make it through these next few years the best we can.

Hey, maybe we’ll get lucky and Trump will be found guilty on one of the several court cases he is facing before inauguration. If not, it’ll be a struggle but I am sure we will make it. My faith is stronger than this situation. Now that I’ve gotten that out, I have goals to tend to because nothing stopped this morning. Now that you are done reading, you should get to your goals too.

I tried my best to blame everyone possible because that’s what we are doing. So if you made it down this far without cussing me out and closing the blog, recognize yourself as I did. Let’s come together and do what we need to do to get through this realistically. Stop fighting against each other cause you’re poor and you’re bourgeois. Right now we all mad, so let’s use that as the one thing we have in common. It doesn’t need a name, all it needs is some organization and all us committing to work.

Be Ambitious…

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