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Step 1: The Dream, The Vision, The Passion


Step 1:
The Dream, The Passion, The Vision

For every person you ask this question to you will probably get a different answer because I definitely did but at the end of the day this is what all of those answers boiled down to for me. The first step to becoming a business owner is having a dream or realizing a passion. Without this element developing your own business will become a more stressful job than the one your trying to get out of currently. Once you acknowledge this dream it now becomes a goal. This phase is meant to be exciting! At this point the best thing to do is write down all ideas that come to mind for your business and date them. When you look back through your notes you will marvel at the progress made over that course of time. One important thing about this phase is to not rush through. As rewarding as opening your own business is, there are going to be rough and stressful days. That is why during the dream phase it is best to relax, let the ideas flow and basque in the ambiance of what is yet to come for your new business venture.