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The Images You Need


This will be really short and sweet.

As I was working on the images for our gift guide and searching for product images for different businesses that I wanted to include I noticed the lack of useful images. The list is short but it is something to consider.

  • Professional headshot/ photo
  • Product mockup on white or transparent background
  • Product images on real people

Many different blogs, media outlets, and other small business supporters like to feature small businesses on their blogs or social media. Having these images available to be found on your website or social media makes it easy to choose you. The social images with others and actually living are great too but when it comes to a featured images, many would prefer a cleaner look. Blogs and all other media based websites are judged strongly on their image choice so the lack of acceptable images could result in you getting passed over.

When it comes to product photos, many publications create gift guides and what to buy segments year round. Make it easy on the graphics team and have an image with a white or transparent background. That way the image can easily be placed in their images. Free promotion!

Last but not least, have your logo easily accessible. I always suggest a transparent background for logo images because it makes it easier to used alternative backgrounds. The most important thing is to have the logo somewhere and it should clear that this is your logo.

*When it comes to the products I understand the concern with people stealing your images. I’d be lying to you if I told you it wouldn’t happen cause it does