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Ti’Onna Barnes – Miss Plus Ohio 2012


Ti’Onna Barnes, currently resides in Columbus, OH where she grew up as a child. She is the proud mother of 2 beautiful children, Dorian and Bailey, and the current Miss Plus Ohio! When speaking with Ti’Onna we learned that she became interested in pageantry after meeting the 2010 Miss Black Ohio, Ashley Vance. Ti’Onna went to a couple different meetings for Miss Black Ohio and Miss Plus Ohio before making a decision this year to participate.

Ambition Magazine: What was your preparation for the pageant; did you get a coach to help you?
Ti’Onna Barnes: The coaching system is really helpful. Most of the women participating have never entered a pageant before and there are some women who are seasoned entering the competition as well. Yet because of the diverse applications, they provide the training for you. You compete on the state level and then that winner goes onto nationals. So they are to build the best possible delegate. They don’t want anyone to go on stage and not be refined. For that reason they provide most of the coaching. We go through a boot camp that refines our walk, our platform, overall stage presences and provides judging advice.
AM: What was your process from the beginning to the actual day of pageant?
TB: Once you pay your entry fee the process begins. You can have a whole year or a matter of weeks depending on when you pay your entry fees. You do have some requirements to meet! For instance I had to sell $200 in ads and then 6 tickets, I believe. After that any further sponsorship can help you with your attire and appearance during the actual pageant. The sponsors are not required if you want to pay the whole thing yourself. It is also a good idea to align yourself with a non-profit in the area of your platform. That is not always easy because you have to introduce that it is the pageant process and why you’re doing it.
AM: How did it feel being in the actual pageant?
TB: It was really fun and I don’t think I was nervous. That’s because we did everything together. So we wanted the best for everyone there. When it came to going on stage I then become nervous and the whole time I was on stage my lip was trembling. National pageant was different! I was confident but you know you are going against the best of the best. After the 1st day or 2 when I started meeting the ladies I became less nervous and I was very happy for the ladies who did win.
AM: Do you have any duties to uphold?
TB: As the reigning Miss Plus Ohio I am required to make three appearances a month in my regalia. Maintain a good moral standard. Just because I am MPA I do recruit other women because I had such a good time.
AM: Are you planning to run again?
TB: With me currently holding the crown I am not eligible to run next year for Miss Plus Ohio. I believe I can run again in 2 years but I will have to check with my director on that. I would like to go back to Nationals because I went this time with the intentions to win but now I know what to do differently.

As the reigning Miss Plus Ohio, Ti’Onna enjoys talking about her time and inviting other ladies to join in the experience because she had such a great time. If you are interested you can contact her on her official page Miss Ohio Plus America 2012. While she is not completely sure what the next year will hold for her and going straight back to the National pageant she is enjoying her time as Miss Plus OH. You can also be sure that you will see her in some capacity in the future whether it is as a delegate or as a mentor because of her love for the organization.

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