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Tony Nalls – Who’s Who of Ambition – Vol. 2


This week is a Dayton edition as well, don’t sleep on Dayton. The talent is so deep here and it’s not just because this is our headquarters.

Tony Nalls, as known as Ace Metaphor, co-founder of Metaphorically Speaking

Tony is just an awesome talent. I don’t completely remember where I met Tony but I see and get to chat with Tony often at one of my favorite eating places/ hang outs in the city. In the 2016 year, I have personally began to really watch the development of the Ace Metaphor brand and how it is growing with and not away from his original brand of Metaphorically Speaking of which he has a partner, Jay Martinez.

Tony understands, and is really leveraging social media in such an amazing way. I am going to grossly underestimate the number of views this video has now I am sure but Tony had a Facebook live post that had been picked up by several different social outlets. The post was getting a couple of million view per outlet (seriously). So I know he hit at least 10 million views, with one of his many ‘conversations’ on love and relationships. I encourage you to go and check out the Ace Metaphor brand, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

A 2017 goal for Tony is to do an Ace Metaphor tour, who knows maybe we’ll try to be a media sponsor so that we can travel too. We’ll for sure keep you up to date with the growth of Ace Metaphor.

Find out more about all things Ace at, http://www.acemetaphor.com/.