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Tot Lot Dedication – Dayton, OH


Thursday, September 18th at 10:30am, the Dayton Fair Housing along with Mrs. Patricia Rickman dedicated the 1st Tot Lot in the Miami Chapel area. During the dedication. we had the pleasure of hearing from: Mrs. Rickman, Mayor Nan Whaley, Dr. Hazel Rountree and a host of other city officials and representatives, on the importance of this Tot Lot. Bringing the Tot Lot to this area means safe play for the youth of the area, most importantly by their homes. In addition to the playground aspect of the Tot Lot, there is another new development of the Dayton area that we will be providing more information  at a later date and that is the Little Free Library. The Little Free Library is an initiative to improve the literacy of and get books into the hands of our youth and making such access EASY for them.

Please check out the video below from the City of Dayton, to see more about the Tot Lot Dedication: