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Traits of a Millionaire


There’s something about these people’s attitude, ability and character that allows them to reach their financial goals in record time, and it’s the same traits that many self-made millionaires have. I am a lover of self-development books and have often read that a millionaire can lose all his wealth and within a short period of time gain it back. Now I always thought it was because of the contacts and connections they must have made during their time of wealth, but that is not so. How do they do it you ask? They have an insatiable belief that it is possible and if they acquired financial wealth once, they can and will acquire it again.

Here are a few traits I believe those who have gained financial wealth possess:

They must embody unbreakable determination. It’s amazing what a strong will can do for you. “If you can will it, it will happen,” right? These people are so determined, have created a vision in their heads on how nothing can stop them or get in their way, and they actually carry out their vision. It might not be easy, quick, or come without making sacrifices, but they make it happen.

They realize if anyone can do it, they can. While education and connections can help give you some leverage to get ahead faster, many people don’t use their resources to their greatest advantage. Self-made millionaires, on the other hand, firmly believe that if there are people becoming rich, there is no reason they can’t. If anyone can do it, then so can they. It’s all about the mindset.

They have nothing or everything to lose. Many self-made millionaires are either in the category that their either a) have nothing left to lose, or b) they have everything to lose. They are in a situation that they must succeed at all costs, and they make it happen.

As you can see, it is amazing what clear vision and the mind can make you do to get ahead. When you figure out what your goals are, why you want to achieve them, and how you plan to get there, there’s nothing that can stop you. Great wealth is within everyone’s reach, it just depends if you have the mental ability, vision and will to get there.-

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