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Trust Your Struggle


It is hard to believe when everything we see tell us not to believe. However, the Word of God tells us “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” {Romans 10:17}. His Word gives us confidence, power, and strength by ensuring us that “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper” {Isaiah 54:17}. Through those instructions we should be able to trust our struggle. God said that we are more than conquerors. Being more than a conqueror does not mean we just survive the struggle. It means that in the end we will be stronger, we will be wiser, we will be better, most of all we will prevail.

It does not matter what we are going through. It does not matter how we have to go through it. What matters most is that we trust and look to the Lord to guide each and every footstep. Troubles and trails come to make us stronger. All we experience prepares us for what is to come. It is to prepare us for all that God has for us. If we can remember that in the mist of our struggle it will make the process a tad bit smoother.

In life we will all have struggles. We may not have the same struggles….but we will all have them. It is imperative that in the mist of our struggles we remind ourselves that “through this struggle God is going to take me to places I never dreamed possible”. He has a define purpose for everything and He will never place anymore on us than we can bear.

God did not create us to be good. He created us to be great. In order to be great we have to learn to trust the struggle. Trust the struggle that will make us better, that will make us great, that will make us more than conquerors. Great is the Lord and mighty is his power. Sometimes instead of asking God to move the struggle from our lives we need to ask Him to give us faith to go through the process. In order to become all that God wants us to become we have to become steadfast and immovable with regard to the things of God.

God does not call for us to be a hindrance to His process in making us better. How can we be a hindrance to the process? Complaining “about” our problems will hinder the process. Talking about our problems and all the headache/heartache it is causing us will hinder the process. Instead of talking about our problems we have to talk “to” our problems….let them know that this too shall pass and in the end through my struggle I will be a better person. I will be all that my Heavenly Father purposely created me to be.

{Personal Message from J_LaQueenia}
I may not always understand God’s reasoning for taking me through particular struggles but through those struggles my personal prayer to God is that He make me tough enough to withstand the pruning process, yet malleable enough for me to change in areas that need to be changed.

“Happy moments praise God…difficult moments seek God…painful moments trust God…every moment thank God”