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Turkey Tip Off


Oh yea… it’s time! The holidays are a really tough time for a lot of people, especially those who are trying to get it right and tight. This time of year and I have a love/hate kind of thing going on, but here are some tools I’m going to be using to help me keep the balance tipped to SELF love!

Imagine the plate wearing a bikini

The bikini top is my carb and protein, the bikini bottom is my veggies. Of course, because it’s a special occasion and I’m in my off season, I’m going to be eyeballing it. However, if I were going to consider it a refeed meal during a cutting (fat-loss) cycle, I’d be rolling with my 1/4 cup measuring cup (IDC!) for whatever fatty, starchy carb I chose. Probably mac and cheese…

Don’t wait too late to fix your second plate

All the good stuff is out already. When I go up to fill my plate to the brim I’ll be separating it into two portions and covering a plate for later. This will actually allow me to sample more of the menu and to be more thoughtful about what I eat instead of picking over the picked-over stuff. It’s also a way for me to employ the next step.

Pace yourself

Most people hang out with their family for several hours on the holidays. Having smaller portions and spreading them out with a couple hours between will keep my blood sugar stable and help me avoid “the –itis” so that I can enjoy the company of my family. I’ll be helping myself keep time with both a jug of water and a predetermined schedule so that I’m also keeping my water intake up to par and I’m not misreading thirst cues for hunger cues.

Be activities coordinator

What does everyone do at holiday gatherings… touch football? Spades? Talent show? I figure that if I’m assisting in the coordinating of these activities, chances are that I’ll have less time to graze the buffet line or the desert table. If you have the kind of family that kicks it and just watches football, find someone that is not into football and play Uno in the same room! That’s my plan at one of my stops… this way I’ll still be involved and kind of watching the game, but my hands will be busy. Instead of reaching for more food I’ll be trying to find the coveted Draw Four. As far as the other stops go, yes, I’m participating. As much as I would rather not, being in the family talent show will give me something to do besides nibble.

Remember “what I eat don’t make you $#*%!”

This is the kicker for me. I promised myself that this year I will remember that this is my body, my rules. Family (especially the grandmas of the world) always try to put more on your plate than you want or need. This can really throw you off of your game. I plan to remember to stick to my guns, employ my tools, and maybe practice the art of changing the subject whenever I get the business for trying to monitor my holiday eating. Hey have you seen the new Hunger Games? Wanna play Uno? Look! A squirrel!

Be strong!  Every time you try gets you one step closer to your true self…



Portia Alves

Portia is personal trainer, group fitness instructor, NPC bikini competitor and nutrition nerd:) Find her classes and personal training at the Mabry Muscle Machine Presents: The Machine Shop, Greater Dayton Recreation Center, and more!

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