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The Renewal Issue - 8th Anniversary

Twisting Cupcakes w/ Alexandra Rivers


Business Profile: Twist Cupcakery

Alexandra ‘Kate’ Rivers

Business name:
Twist Cupcakery

25 South St. Clair Street; Dayton, Ohio 45402

How long have you been in business:
The storefront will be celebrating its five-year anniversary this summer!

How did you get started:
I started baking because of my love of desserts, and when my oldest daughter’s first birthday came around, I baked up a storm for her dessert display. From her party friends began to ask if I would bake for their special events, and before I knew it, I had a licensed home bakery.

Why do you choose to do what you do:
We are in the business of making memories. I am blessed and honored that so many people have chosen Twist Cupcakery to be a part of their special occasions. The satisfaction of a perfectly decorated cake or the smile on a child’s face when they see their cake makes everything worthwhile.

What was the first win that you received that you go back to mentally every time it feels rough:
When things get rough, I go back to when we first launched our Kickstarter campaign 45 days before opening up the bakery. I remember the excitement and anticipation we felt about taking this leap, and remembering those feelings keeps me grounded when I am overwhelmed.

What start-up struggles did you experience and what struggles do you experience currently:
The start-up struggles were that we literally were learning as we went about everything! Now I am so thankful to have had those learning experiences because they have been invaluable to getting to where we are now and working toward where we plan to be in the future. Marketing and advertising are a constant struggle, but we have grown organically. It has been amazing.

How do you pick yourself back up when things fall apart?
When things fall apart, I always remember that there is work to be done and that once I have done the work then I can fall apart. But, I have to keep myself encouraged when it is time to work! Also, my team, small but mighty, is amazing at pitching in and making it happen, I don’t know where I would be without them!

How does your location (city) shape your business and you as a business person:
 Dayton has always been home, and it has been wonderful having my business here. The city has embraced the business beyond my own expectations, and our customers have really become a part of our Twist Cupcakery family. I love this because it allows me to be transparent with my customers and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

How does your ambition drive you in your business?
Ambition is what wakes me up in the morning and gets me motivated to work; that drive towards success is the spark that leads the way. I see such great things for the future of Twist Cupcakery, and through hard work and determination, those goals will be realized.

How do you stay consistent when life gets crazy?
The most consistent thing in my life is my family! When you have a small business, essentially, everyone is a part of the business. Since I have to sacrifice time with them, I make sure that we never get too far off base as far as quality time and communication. They are my world and keep me balanced.

Whats one way we can support you?
By visiting the bakery, buying desserts for your next event, and telling all of your friends about how amazing our treats are! That is the best form of support!

Contact info: website www.twistcupcakery.com email: twistcupcakerydayton@gmail.com Facebook/IG/Twitter: @TwistCupcakery Phone: 937-771-4099