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Uniquely Fashioned


You are the master piece to your own life!

You are yourself, no one could be you, no one has your hand prints, finger prints, nor foot prints.

No one could ever speak for you.
You are the voice to your words and the character of your actions.
You live your own private interpretation that no one could tell you anything different about yourself.

No one has your smile, your joy and true happiness.
You are destined with gifts and talents, that no one could ever take it away from you.
Everyone is different in their own unique way, no matter of your gender or race and physical and mental abilities, you are special!

You are Uniquely Fashioned for what you believe that is right and true.
You were created to live a good character, to live confidently for what God has done for you and is doing in your life.

Don’t give in for the things that are unloving or not noble or impure. Anything that is not excellent or worthy,don’t allow the design of your life to become out dated in today’s fashion.

Remember, no one has your exact history in time and space, to create what you have created, you are the master piece of your life!